Friday, July 27, 2007

Here Doggy Doggy!

So, for dinner tonight we are eating animal crackers. Yes, I know, bad mommy! I just got home from grocery shopping with the boys BY MYSELF...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! And, we're still alive! (applause please)

Anyways, I'm sitting here checking my mail and handing Noah crackers one at a time when he asks for them ("more, please" in sign language - he is so smart!) Well, I would hand him one and then not a couple seconds later he was asking for another! Now, he eats fast, but not that fast! So I look down to see where the heck they are going and there sits Bobo, our Shih-tzu, mowing down a cracker *sigh* The last 5 crackers have been going down the dog's throat. So I hand Noah another cracker and he takes one bite and then sets it right in front of Bobo who, of course, inhales it. Dinner's over!