Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cradle Crap

Nothing says fun like sitting for an hour trying to pick cradle crap (no, I did NOT misspell that!) out of a six weeks old's hair.

I've been trying to ignore the fact that scaly, yellow skin has been slowly taking over my son's smooth scalp, but when it started creeping onto his forehead I could deny it no longer. So, armed with a baby toothbrush and comb (given to me at my first son's shower) and a freshly bought bottle of "Cradle Cap Care" I attacked! After 3 applications of the lotion and numerous runs through his hair with the comb and toothbrush most of it was out, and Jack's poor head was quite red. I figured I had better stop. I washed his hair (the lotion smells horrible!) and now here we sit.

I guess I'll be doing the same thing again tomorrow. I was looking at his head and there's a couple huge patches still. *sigh* If anyone ever invents something that prevents cradle crap, they will be my best friend!


girlymama said...

I had a couple friends whose babies had VERY yucky cradle cap. They all swore by Arbonne's cradle cap stuff. I've never used it, but they all said it was the best they tried.

Its so gross, isn't it?