Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I love Tag blankets. I've always wanted one, but never seem to have the money! Plus, Like Fina'Drea said, the colors and tags weren't all that great. I thought about making one too, but I don't know how to sew and the blanket would probably be too embarrassing to let the boys carry around in public.

So that's why I'm super glad that Fina'Drea is giving away a Poppy Dot taggy blanket! Soooo cute! It even has minky on it and tags that match! I'm trying to choose between these two taggies here....aren't they the coolest?!?!

Visit Fina'Drea's contest post to find out how to enter!


Stam House said...

I love the pokodod one it's so pretty Good luck!

Drea said...

Ow that 2nd one is so adorable!!!