Monday, October 1, 2007

Change is coming...

I was reading my own blog the other day (yes, I do that once in awhile!) and I realized that I have contest after contest posted, but no personal posts *sad* I really didn't create this blog to be all about contests soooooo I am officially announcing that there will be a change on this blog!

Starting this week all of my contests will be listed in one post (unless they require a post of their own because of length or, well, if the contest wants it that way). I don't know how to sticky posts (help!) but it will stay near the top of my posts as I will re-date it every time I update.

I'm also going to actually be posting on here! Yay! My goal right now will be two posts a week. Who knows what I will write about, but I'm looking forward to it!

Also keep your eyes open because I'm wanting to change my colors - make my blog a little more eye-catching than it is right now.

Obviously all of this will be done at, oh, one in the morning because that seems to be the only time that both boys are sleeping at the same time!

I'm excited...are you?