Monday, October 8, 2007

It begins....

This week is the start of Mom4Life's amazing month of giveaways! Here's the lowdown on how to enter each week:

Week 1: Submit a photo with "Mom4life" somewhere in creative! (& sign-up for newsletter)
Week 2: Submit a photo showing a Mom4Life product in use. (& Sign-up for newsletter)
Week 3: Write about what being a Mom4Life means to you. (& sign-up for newsletter)
Week 4: Sign-up for the Signing Times Newsletter than e-mail Mom4Life and tell her you did.

Week one photos are already up...I was going to enter, but was to lazy LOL Soooooo maybe ya'll could vote for my friend instead: (her picture's really good!)

She's picture "a" by the way :)