Friday, October 19, 2007

Live Your Healthiest Life

I've just run across a great site in the web world called Live Your Healthiest Life. It's a new site (just a couple months old, I believe) devoted to informing you of the newest organic products out there on the market. I think the welcome ticker on their site explains the best:

"Welcome to the ONLY website online that gives away new products for FREE each week, while telling you all about the most amazing environmentally proactive companies out there!
We personally research, interview & review each & every company on Your Healthiest Life before we recommend them to you. Let us take the guess work out of which natural products are the right ones for you. Remember, toxic chemicals in our food and products
should not be tolerated and if we choose much healthier alternative products, we can put a stop to this!"

Did you catch the part about the free products each week? That's the best part. I don't have tons of money right now so I can't buy products to try them out, it's great that I can try them for free here (if I win of course!) And what's so cool is Your Healthiest Life gives away full-sized products not those dump little samples.

If you enter any of their contest please put me, Alexia @ The Mommy Rambles, in the referral box - thank you!


lace said...

I wish I had known that you had already posted about this. I just signed up to win the giveaways and used another person as a referral. She is actually the person I heard about it from so I guess that is who I should enter as my referral.

I wonder if you heard about it from the same person as me?