Thursday, November 29, 2007


I just went and picked up 5 pairs of babylegs from a co-op I took part in and had to share! Look how cute! Can't.stop.buying.babylegs.

This is my favorite pair...more pictures will come soon! I know you want to see them! :D

Check out the awesome Allspice necklace I made for Jack! I added beads this time so he looks like a cool dude.

Here's Noah's necklace too. (ignore the drama...he was sick of pictures LOL)

More info about Allspice Necklaces coming soon - they help with teething- every baby should have one!!!!!


Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the babylegs.

I got a pair of supersofts. Oh. MY. GOD.

I will buy more of them.

lace said...

Jack looks so cute in those babylegs. I got a chance to look at mine. They are great. Thanks again!

I'm hoping Mercadez will like the cow ones and want to wear them all the time.