Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving! Great food, Great family time aaannnd my birthday! Well, not quite...I've got until Wednesday, but it's getting close! We get to spend this Thanksgiving at my house for once with only close family. It's nice. I can relax, the boys actually have toys to play with and we have more than one bathroom available - ahhhh!

This year was the first year that Noah watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - he loved it! He danced with the Broadway performances and giggled when the monsters started singing on the Sesame Street float. He wasn't too interested in the balloons....or Dolly Parton (Thank God!) but I'm glad he enjoyed himself. I was really glad to see Lifehouse! You don't see many Christian bands in the parade!

I'm attempting to make my first bread - pumpkin bread! The timer just dinged, wait a minute!

Woo hoo! I actually made bread! It looks great!

Here's our family tradition on the parade, watch the Purina Dog Show, eat, sleep, eat, go home :D Of course, talking is mixed in there.

We have no pop in the house! Eeeek! I'm having a pop craving *sigh*

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is full of yummy turkey and pie and that you wallow in family time!