Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Long Time No Blog!

So, I've been a little busy lately and have left you, my readers, in the dark! So much has been going on and I have been running here and there (and clicking!) and trying to keep the house clean and still keep up with entering contest - whew! So here's what's been going on:

Jack started rolling over and wants to be entertained waaaay more than normal! He's been keeping me busy just moving him from saucer to bouncer to Jumperoo to play mat to swing to pouch to...well, you get the idea! He also has decided the he likes being awake *groan* I think he only sleeps about twice a day now. In other news, Noah has learned how to climb the bunk bed ladder - enough said. I tried to have him take a shower with me this morning to get it all over with at once, yeah, that totally did not work! He was freaking out the entire time because water kept hitting his face (oh the horror!). My mom came home right at the end of our shower so she "saved" him LOL I guess we won't be trying that again.

I got a job! I am an official janitor now - yes, I clean toilets and empty trashes (and mop and dust and such). Amazingly enough, I like it! I don't have to talk to anyone, I can work at my own pace and there is no toddler running around behind me messing up what I just cleaned - nice! Oh, and it's at night so the boys can stay with my mom; no daycare for us WOO HOO!

I've just started cloth diapering the boys. I never knew cloth diapers were so much fun (and addicting)! I'm completely in love! Of course, this has opened up a whole new internet to me - I've been spending my days stalking Diaper Swappers for cheap, cute diapers and hunting for diaper icons for The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. So if you don't hear from me for a few days, don't worry, I'm just google-eyed over some cute diaper!

Well, Jack must be moved so I will leave you with a few neat products and sites I've run across in my clickings lately:

No Lice Spray from Supermom's Health and Wellness

Taco Dip recipe from Thrifty Third Avenue Gal (Did I mention that this is a crockpot recipe?!?!)

A great Bedtime Song

Quelf - a Wiggity Bang game

Wee Go Bottles - coming soon!

Flip Clips - turn your videos into a flip book, sooo cool!

Zoobie Pets