Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good-bye sticky, Hello stretchy!

Let me tell you one thing I hate! And I do mean HATE! When you're kid is in daycare, or my case Sunday morning nursery and to tell one sippy from the other they put a strip of tape on with their name. Now, I know it has to be done and that's fine...I wouldn't want my boys accidently slurping out of someone else's bottle *eeewww* but I hate the residue that tape leaves on the sippy when you're washing them. Plus, they just don't look attractive. And I buy sippys because they're cool looking! :)

Well, look what I just found! BumpyName Orbit Labels! These things are awesome! They look like they are the same material as those rubber bracelets. The site says that you just stretch and use - they fit all different size of containers! They are dishwasher and microwave safe and you can buy pre-printed labels (if they have your child's name...they had both of mine!) or choose to customize your own with their name and even a cute little picture! On the customized labels you can even have two lines of info (for allergies or other pertinent info). And the prices aren't that bad, I'm planning on buying some and I'm the queen of cheap!