Thursday, December 13, 2007

Late Ramblings

I just signed up to this banjo site. It's called Banjo Hangout, maybe I'll pick up some tips on how to play. My grandpa (PopPop) gave me this banjo of his that he pretty much made; it's a little worn out now, but I love that thing. I love listening to banjo playin'! I can't even describe how cool it sounds - someday I'm gonna play, but first I have to learn how to tune the thing!

I can't tell you how much satisfaction I get out of folding a prefold and snappi'ing it on Jack. There is no greater accomplishment *sigh* It's like the best cure when you're feeling down in the dumps - try it! For like, $6 you can have a pick-me-up whenever you want!

I had a very eventful night tonight. I don't really want to get into the whole speel, but it ends in my brother (10 years old) threatening to call the cops on me because I sent him to his room. Crazy. I remember my older brother threatening my dad with that when he was younger - must be a guy thing. Or maybe it just runs in our family LOL Have your kids ever threatened to call the cops on you when they were in trouble?

Do you think a 5 month old could learn sign language??? Jack has been driving me nuts lately! The only way he will go to sleep is if he either cries for an hour and a half. straight. Or nurses and cries and nurses and pulls my nipple off and cries some more. Seriously. What does he want?!?! This happens at least twice a night. I'm tired! And then of course Jack sleeps in until 9 and I'm up with Noah at 7 because he slept through it all. It's enough to drive a momma insane!

Well, Noah's turning off my computer screen and Jack's screaming (no really, he's screaming. like a girl.) Soooo I guess that means I should get off huh?

See you on the flip side!


Lisa said...


I hear ya on the nipple thing. Yessirreebob.

E is doing that a lot lately. And then fussing and nursing again, then ripping the nipple off. I think she's just bored.

I usually put her down at that point and let her play until she's ready to really nurse.

Poor momma!

MommyKnows said...

Banjo! Sounds fun.

Happy New Year!