Saturday, January 5, 2008

Did you know......

Did you know that green beans are "healthier" than wax beans? I didn't. I figured wax beans were healthier because well....because they sound healthier. I mean, who do you know that actually eats wax beans? Yes, I associate healthy with eating non-typical foods :) BTW they taste exactly the same as green beans...who knew? I wonder if their cheaper.

You know you're a mom when you cross your legs to sneeze.

You know you're a mom when you can poop, nurse and read all at the same time. Yes....I did do this.

Today I had to take Jack to work with me (I clean office buildings). All of my "babysitters" decided to go sledding and forgot about me working. I never want to do that again! I had him in one of those frame backpacks and by the time I was done cleaning (2 hours later) my shoulders were killing me. He, of course, stayed awake the whole time so there was no hope of putting him down.

Do you remember "The Christmas Story"? Take a gander at this:

Seth (my youngest brother) took Noah out for his first romp in the snow. Here are my favorite pictures from their fun...20 minutes:

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hollystar said...

HI! i followed your link from and just had to say how much i love you img of your son and you getting him into that snow suit. definately "a christmas story" moment.

see you around!

Lisa said...


Yes, I totally cross my legs when I sneeze. Or laugh too hard. Or cough too much. Or well, pretty much anything.

And we eat wax beans all the time. My kids love them, but I think they taste different than green beans. They aren't any cheaper, either. And I can't find them in any form other than canned :( I try to stay away from canned things. Poo.