Tuesday, January 15, 2008

He Bit Me!

Well.....it was close! Jack has a tooth! I've noticed that he was chewing, ALOT and drooling, ALOT, but I didn't pay much attention really (Allspice works wonders!) and then yesterday he started gnawing on my finger and I could feel it! I'm still trying to decide if I'm *really* happy about this or not....first off, it means he's growing up...which is kinda sad. And secondly, this means that I am breastfeeding a baby with sharp, pointy objects in it's mouth.........that's kind of scary. I never nursed Noah after he got his first tooth (at 4 months), bc he made me so sore! I'm planning on attempting it with Jack - pray for me!

I tried to get you all a picture, but Jack wasn't cooperating!