Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Humor - Mommy Style!

I just finished reading two books by Risa Green: Notes from the Underbelly and Tales from the Crib......omg they were so good!

I saw a couple of the episodes of Notes from the Underbelly on tv and thought they were really great and then somehow I found out that it was a book too! So, of course, I looked it up at the library and borrowed it. The book is great! You're following Lara Stone on her pregnancy journey, which wasn't really a journey she wanted to undertake...it was all hubby's fault! She has tons of problems that all of us pregnant mommas have, but the way she talks and reacts to those problems are so funny! It's nice to be able to laugh about mommy-hood.

In the second book, Tales from the Crib, you pick up where the first book left off...Lara has had her baby and now she is struggling with liking said baby. Plus she has obstacles to beat like breastfeeding, perfect mommies, judgmental nannies and baby fat. Still funny and I love how she actually isn't all that psyched about a squalling newborn. I get sick of reading about perfect mothers!

All in all, both books are a great...they are on my list to buy now! They are worth reading over and over! Go check them out!