Thursday, January 24, 2008

If I have to look at one more pile of clothes...........

I am of washing clothes. To DEATH! I have two laundry days each week and both days laundry goes in and out all day long, we're talking 5-6 loads here. And then I get the wonderful pleasure of folding minute little shirts and pants and onesies and try to fit it all in the teeny tiny pieces of furniture 'some' people like to call dressers....*sigh*

My 4th load of laundry is in the wash and I still have 2 to go. I haven't even folded yet...mainly because I can't work up the courage to sit in front of the mountain for 2 hours. So, once again I will be dividing the mountain up into 4 smaller hills...."me", "Jack", "Noah", "misc".......matter of fact.....I may empty the dressers into those piles as well bc it's so much easier to know what's available to wear when it's all in one place.

So...if you notice that my clothes are wrinkly, which I really could care less about'll know why. And don't dare utter a word unless you want to come help me fold!

Oh, and did I mention that Noah likes to "drive" his cars through freshly folded stacks of laundry? Yet another reason why hills are my friends.


Houses, Couches and Babies said...

My son does the same thing with neatly stacked piles of laundry...or he likes to just put it back into the laundry basket after it has already been folded! Thanks for entering the giveaway at Houses, Couches and Babies. Keep checking back for lots more fun giveaways!

Lisa said...

I hear ya. Except I have 5 people now I'm doing laundry for. I do typically 2-3 loads A DAY. And that's on good days when Zachary doesn't wet the bed.

Then add in the dogs jumping around knocking over all my piles. Grrr.

I, too, feel your pain.