Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Psi Bands

How many of you have seen these Psi (sigh) Bands? Well, I just came across them on another site and thought I should share! These bands were made by two mommas who had horrible morning sickness and were looking for a drug-free way to cure it - they work! Their mission is to relieve nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, chemotherapy and anesthesia. How do these work? Through acupressure. There is a pressure spot called the Nei-kuan acupressure point on your wrist and when you put this band on there is a little ball on the bottom that puts pressure on that point.

I have not used these however I have used a similar product called Sea-Band and those worked awesome! I normally get motion sick on long trips. I wore them on a trip to Georgia (a few years ago) and I did not get sick at all! I did have to put these on before we started moving though bc if I already started to feel sick, the bands weren't as effective.

These Psi Bands I like alot better though because for one, they look nice. The Sea-Bands are just stretchy gray elastic and that's not to fashionable. These Psi Bands come in four different color schemes (even one that is gender neutral!), they are also adjustable for varying wrist sizes and you can turn a dial and adjust how much pressure is on your wrist. These are also easily washed which is great! And you get 2 for $19.99....unless you visit this site where you can get 2 for $14.99.

The only problem I can see is that they need to have one for kids too! Until then, Sea-Band does sell kid's size bands for $9.99 (and that includes shipping). Here are some colorful ones for $6.50 and some black ones (adult) for $6.95!

I also found these Bio-bands for $11.95 and they have adult and children's sizes in black and cream.

I was also doing a search for these bands and this page popped up with some other acupressure bands....some of them get a little pricey!


MommyKnows said...

Those are so cute, sick or not ...