Friday, February 1, 2008

Allspice Necklaces

Okay, so I promised you an Allspice post awhile ago and now I’m finally getting around to it – woo hoo! (I know, I’m lazy!) I will tell you everything I’ve learned although, I admit, I don’t know everything about it.

What is Allspice?

Allspice is a cooking spice found in the spice aisle of most grocery stores. You can purchase it whole or ground and I’ve seen it used in recipes for roast.

Why does Allspice work for teething?

Allspice contains the ingredient tannin. Tannin tightens up the gums so that teeth pop through quickly. My boys’ teeth, on average, take about 2 days to come in with Allspice necklaces! I don’t know what else Allspice has in it, but it also eases the crankiness and sleepless nights associated with teething as well. Oh yes, and the fevers. I haven’t had to deal with teething fevers while using allspice necklaces. Of course, these symptoms may vary from person to person, but 90% of the people I personally know that have tried this, it has worked like a charm!

Will I still need to use teething medicines?

Allspice does not take away the pain of the tooth popping through so yes, you may still need to use a numbing agent or just use a lot of cool cloths or teething toys.

Do I need to take the necklace off for baths or bedtime?

Allspice necklaces can stay on 24/7 with no harm to the necklace or to the child. Of course, if you are more comfortable with having it off there is no harm in that either! Just remember that allspice works because it is in contact with babies skin so if you leave it off for a long period of time the effect will wear off.

When can my baby start wearing an Allspice necklace?

Both of my boys started wearing their Allspice necklaces at about 4 months. Basically at the first sign of teething symptoms. Although if you want to put them on earlier, no problem. The earlier you have the necklace on them the less your baby will play with it. My boys don’t even notice that they have it on!

How often do I need to change the Allspice Necklace?

I would estimate about every 6 months. I generally go by the “smell” test. If I can’t smell the Allspice until my nose is right up against the beads than it is time to change the necklace!

How much do the Allspice necklaces cost to make?

These necklaces, depending on the style you choose, can cost anywhere from $5-$15! And that is for about 4-5 necklaces…probably more if you buy a couple bottle of Allspice…so this is a really cheap way to get teething relief!

Okay, how do I make an Allspice Necklace?!?!

You will need:

- Dual duty thread or stretchy/elastic thread

- Whole Allspice beads

- A small-medium sized needle

- Decorative beads (optional)

- Clasps (optional)…some moms use magnetic so if pulled, necklace will come apart

  1. Boil your Allspice beads (rolling boil) for about 7 min. Drain.
  2. Thread the beads onto the thread…you’ll want to put the needle through the middle of the bead, it is the path of least resistance, you will see an indent or what looks like a circle in the bead – that is the middle
  3. Tie or clasp around babies neck. You want the necklace to be fairly tight against baby. I normally make sure I can slid my fingers between the necklace and babies neck, but no looser or it may get caught on things.

So! There ya go! Enjoy some cheap teething relief! (Pictures of the necklaces I made for the boys is in the link above!)

If just the thought of stringing beads together exhausts you, you can now buy them! Check out my cousin's Etsy store - she is very creative and makes some great looking designs with allspice and pretty beads!


lace said...

Thanks for the directions.

I tagged you for 6 useless things about you.

Lisa said...

Hey, I used the allspice necklace on E and after a few days (maybe 3) and she would get the most god-awful rash all over her neck.

So she stopped wearing it and I'm trying amber next....:(

Alexia said...

Oh Lisa, that's too bad :( I'm guessing that she is allergic to the allspice. The first couple of times I put the necklace on Noah his neck got red too, but it went away.

I would definitely try something else if she's getting a rash - I hope the amber works!

Anonymous said...

Would this still work if you wrapped the necklace around the baby's ankle while they sleep or does it need to be closer to teeth to be effective?

Alexia said...

Wrapping the allspice around your baby's ankle should be just as effective since the only requirement for allspice to work is contact with the skin. The one thing you'll want to keep an eye out for is how they behave during the day, since allspice has to be in contact with skin to work, I'm not sure if having it on only while they sleep will be sufficient; it may not stay in their system long enough. There are quite a few moms I know who take off their baby's necklace at night and it doesn't seem to cancel the effect of the allspice so it's very possible that you could do the reverse and it will work! You'll have to let me know as I've never tried it before!

Anonymous said...

I would plan to keep it on during the day around his neck but then just move it to his ankle during sleep. Just kind of makes me nervous. I got all the things to make it today so that will be my project after he goes down tonight. Do you think using the allspice necklace and the amber necklace together would be fine?

Alexia said...

Using allspice and amber together will be fine, they will not interact with each other. I'm not sure how old your baby is, but the one thing you'll want to keep in mind with having the allspice on his ankle is that it will be a lot more noticeable and accessible and he could possibly pull beads off and eat them. If you have a baby to young to do this then you will be fine.

Necklace's never seem to be a big deal to babies or toddlers because it's out of sight, out of mind.

Linda Miller said...

Why do you boil your allspice? Does it "activate" the allspice? I have made the necklaces without boiling...and with boiling. The boiled allspice seems to be softer and crumble more easily. Does the necklace work as well without boiling?

Alexia said...

Allspice shells are very tough and threading a needle through them is a pain in the butt, honestly. Boiling helps to soften them so you can quickly and easily thread the needle through. The necklace should not be put on baby until the beads have cooled off and returned to a "hardened" state and I haven't had problems with the beads being softer and crumbling easier, actually I've had the opposite happen. The beads stay on longer, and I have less issues with them randomly falling off.

Hope that helps!

Tia (Michigan) said...

The allspice necklaces work great! I made one for my son months ago with a magnetic clasp and he never noticed it. I noticed him less fussy too. He is now 17 months old, teething with his molars now. I pulled out his necklace again this morning, put it on (still smells good) and he's much more relaxed. And.......still he don't notice nor mess with it! Worth giving it a try girls!

Jessica urwin said...

I came across this article yesterday after giving in to all the common teething solutions ( which nothing worked for little man by the way) I made my own allspice bracelet and the first day I put it on him it was amazing! I seen a complete turnaround with his fussiness and drooling, even slept all night for the first time in like 2 months! But the second day he went back to how he was before, very fussy and restless so of course it made me so upset! I was just curious if maybe the professionally
Made necklaces and bracelets have a possibility of working better? I was thinking about ordering one offline

Unknown said...

Hi ,
can you explain what you mean by rolling boil??

Taci said...

Thanks a lot!

Do you have a video tutorial of this?