Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bedwetting drugs? That’s a little dumb.

I was reading in my Parents magazine (from who knows what month, I’m always behind in my issues) and I noticed a little article about a medication that stops bed wetting. It was actually a caution that the nasal spray should not be used because in can cause seizures and possibly death and the tablets can do the same if too much water is drunk after dinner.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? First off, it’s ridiculous that there is even a drug for bed wetting. All it is, is some sheets and pj’s that smell like urine and a little embarrassment. Not some life threatening illness. And secondly, if you cut out drinking after dinner, most bed wetting issues would be solved anyways – and that’s what they want you to do with the tablet now.

I just think it’s dumb that the answer to everything is medicine. It’s not like drugs are completely safe to take. Why would you want to subject your kids to possible seizures and death just for some clean sheets? I also understand that peeing the bed can be VERY embarrassing for children, but that’s something that parents should work with their kids emotionally on. Not give them pills to fix it. Both of my brothers peed the bed for quite awhile as children. Yes, they were embarrassed, but my parents put limits on them for drinking and helped them quietly clean up messes. If there is a quick fix to everything than how are kids going to learn how to handle problems in life?


hollystar said...

i read the same snip form parents mag and thought the same thing! really, why a drug? why not those good nights training shorts? why not cut out liquids at night? why not get up and wake your child in the middle of the night to get him/her to potty?

i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought a bedwetting DRUG was a bad idea.

Lisa said...

Okay, you guys are also thinking this was probably designed with the younger child or toddler in mind.

It wasn't.

My brother wet the bed until he was almost 15. I'm not joking. My 2 uncles did as well. My oldest is well on his way to being a chronic bedwetter as well. Cutting out drinks after dinner doesn't work for all kids. Good nights training shorts don't go up to a boys' size 16 either. I wake up my child to go pee 2 times during the night and he'll STILL wet the bed.

It may be just a "little embarrassment" at the age of 4. But after years and years of wetting the bed, not going to friend's house because you KNOW you'll wet the bed, it borders on extremely unhealthy. Think about any other disorder...if it keeps you in the house, AFRAID to go anywhere, isn't THAT unhealthy?

Will it be overprescribed? Sure. Everything is. But I can guarantee you that my brother wishes that he had something to help him have a normal childhood and normal pre-teen, early teenage years instead of being the social piarrhea.

For the record, we do not use bedwetting medication for Zachary. However, we may look at it if the ADHD medications don't assist in that area and it continues very long term.