Friday, March 7, 2008

Blast from the Past!

I'm still a kid at heart. If you give me $20 and tell me to go buy whatever I want, I would come home with toys and candy. Being a kid is just so fun! And the toys they are coming out with these days are so neat, I want to play with them all! But, there are those few favorites that I remember playing with as a kid....Noah has just started playing with, liking some of my old favorites as well.

Do you remember the Sit N Spin? Not the new one with the music and lights. The old one. OMG I loved that thing! I used to sit and spin until I was dizzy and then spin some more! I found one, when Noah was a baby, at Goodwill - score! Regrettably I could not fit on it anymore, but Noah loves to spin! He hasn't quite gotten the hang of going all the way around, but we're working on it. They need to make an adult Sit N Spin - I would buy one!

What about The Berenstain Bear books Or "Go Dog Go"? My grandparents used to have quite a few Berenstain Bear stories and I loved to curl up in my grandpa's lap and listen to him read. He always used to tell us that he "didn't know how to read" and that always made me nervous...were we not going to hear a story? Did he really forget how to read since the last time we were over? And "Go Dog Go" was such a fun book to read...I don't even remember why...I just loved to read it! "Do you like my hat?" "No! I do not like your hat" "Good-bye" "Good-bye!" *sigh* Of course, I have all of these books now (I started collecting them before I even had kids) and Noah loves to sit and listen to me read them...he absolutely LOVES "Go Dog Go"! Mainly because it has cars in it, but hey, at least he's reading with me :) Jack will sit and listen to me read to the Berenstain Bears when he's tired.

And I know that no one will probably recognize Gospel Bill, but that was my absolute favorite tv series when I was a kid! It was a Christian series that taught faith-based values and it was actually pretty dorky, but I still love to sit down and watch the episodes - my dad recorded almost all of them! Noah is not quite old enough for these yet, he's still in his Veggie Tales phase, but when he is a little older he will certainly be introduced! No one can be a kid and NOT watch Gospel Bill!

Well, now that I've exhausted some of my memories, lets hear yours! What were some of your favorite toys, books and/or activites that you played with as a kid that you are now sharing with your children? The Parent Bloggers Network is interested to know, just make a blog post on March 7th and send them the link and you could be entered to win a free years subscription to either Highlights or High Five - Highlights newest publication for children ages 2-6!