Thursday, March 6, 2008

In The Motherhood

As evidenced here...I already spend way to much time online reading blogs and message boards and entering contests, but it can't hurt to add another one here and there - especially when it is a really fun site like In The Motherhood!

In The Motherhood was conceived by Suave and Sprint and is a really great site about the "joys" of being a mom. Do you read the "bloopers" section in the Parents magazine? Well, In The Motherhood is kind of like that section...except that there are pages and pages of bloopers, available anytime you're bored and wanting a good laugh! The great thing is that you can submit your own funny, kid-horror story and then watch it as a YouTube video! How cool is that?

I have dial-up internet so I have only seen one episode of In The Motherhood (it took almost an hour to load it so it would play!), but it was soooo worth it! I'll be visiting my Mom's office alot so I can see ALL the episodes! Here's one to whet your appetite (this is the one I watched)

Isn't that great? So entertaining, but real....there's no way someone could come up with something that crazy! So, what are you waiting for? Go check out In The Motherhood and all they have to offer - submit a story!

It kinda makes me wish that my boys were old enough to wreck havoc....okay, maybe not.

***The Small Print :) I was offered Suave products in exchange for a post about In The Motherhood which is what originally made me check them out (who doesn't love free stuff?!?!) BUT If I would have found this site on my own, I would have posted about it anyways bc it is just such a cool site!***


jessy said...

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