Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things I don't understand...

I belong to a couple message boards and I have seen quite a few "sensitive" subjects come up during my time on the boards. Subjects that get everyone's dander up no matter where you're at. You know the ones: abortion, birth control, schools and sex ed, politics, gay marriage and the ever prominent - "Would you let you child do/have/say/watch this?"

These subjects alone are loaded bombs destined to make someone feel like they are a bad person, a bad parent or just stupid. It doesn't help when you then have people who don't know how to state their opinion in a non-judgmental way and leave it at that. I don't understand. Somebody wants to know your opinion, people start giving them and then inevitably one or two people are singled out with the ever popular phrase: "I don't agree with you". Hellloooooo that statement alone is enough to make someones defenses rise! And then to make it worse they have to state their VERY strong "opinion" that ends up slamming the person they didn't agree with. Why can't you make a simple statement and leave other mothers the heck alone? Like this: "I, personally, believe that such and such goes against the morals of my family and wouldn't allow my child to play with it for these reason..." Is that so hard? Why do people have to then start making comments, that are obviously putting down someone else's opinion?

And another thing, why is it that people with more conservative views are always the ones singled out? Like our opinions and feelings just don't matter. I never feel I can speak up anymore because someone always feels the need to let me know how narrow-minded I am. Excuse me for wanting babies to live, excuse me for actually having morals and standing by them, excuse me for wanting my kids NOT to have sex with every Joe-blow that comes along! I'll just go sit in the corner so *I* don't hurt anyone's feelings! Let me know when I'm allowed out.

It irritates me that I could have a moral, conservative opinion about something and not be allowed to share it because it "might make someone feel bad". It irritates me that when a conservative opinion is shared, it is considered wrong and hurtful, but yet..if you share that opinion and someone else really runs you through the mud for it, it's considered perfectly acceptable. What a load of hypocrisy!

And just for the record*: The reason teenagers and children are like they are today is because parents aren't raising their children. The government is! It's time to step up and be responsible. Put morals back into the classrooms, the homes, the lives and you would see a BIG change happen in the generations to come. Quit allowing children to have sex, quit buying them birth control, quit letting them watch movies filled with dirty words, dirty pictures, and unacceptable behavior. Teach them respect and honor, truth and responsibility and just see what would happen! We would have a completely different nation.

In standing for everything, we stand for nothing.

And I can say these things, because this is my blog. And if you don't like it, well, I guess you should go stand in someone else's corner because this corner is mine.


*Now, if you decided to let your children do everything mentioned above, I would still love you. I wouldn't say a word to you to make you feel rotten and I would not be shaking my head while having a play date with you. I would simply raise my children the way I think they should be raised. Why can't the opposing side do the same thing?


hollystar said...

yes. yes. and, definately, YES!

my method: i dont give a rats patoot what other people think about what i'm doing and in the same respect, i dont care what they're doing. i dont take it personal. i dont get offended. and, if another person is offended by what i say or how they feel, then they're taking things entirely too personal.

i like to think that my decisions are right for MY family and MYself, but i by NO means think anything i do is right for another person and i couldnt phathom forcing my personal views on another person.

i often ask myself why people just cant accept that other people look/feel/believe/ARE different. thats what makes the world go round. why do other people feel they need to judge one another no matter the reason? is it so they can be RIGHT? well, then, they can be right. they can be RIGHT for THEMSELVES!!!

anywho, before i get anymore wound up, yea! you go girl. (omg, i cant believe i said that....)

Anonymous said...

I knew I liked you from the beginning! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and how you feel. Me too. I am right there beside you.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me, Julie.