Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy, Sad...Maybe Both.

Jack is done nursing.

I'm not sure if I'm sad about it or happy about it yet. I've been having alot of problems lately with supply issues and sore nipples from pulling/biting/acrobatics so I made the decision to stop a couple days ago. I was really trying to hold out for at least a year, but it was too stressful with working and taking care of the boys all by myself. I decided it was more important that I not be that crazy mom who screams at her kids and sits on the computer all day long (welll....that might now change LOL). So I'm a little calmer now and Jack is ALOT happier so it's a good thing. Plus I made it to 9 months which is great...with Noah I only made it to 4 months!

It is kinda nice to not have to have a child attached to a piece of my body every 2 hours....although formula is so inconvenient - it's driving me batty trying to make sure my 3 bottles are washed and there is warm water available when we're out!


Jessica D. said...

Great job nursing as long as you did. My supply ran low and my lilie only went to 9mo. also. You'll all adjust to formula. It will take awhile to get a new system down. At times i felt it easier with formula and then i would change my mind. I think it can go both ways.

SunRayeMomi said...

Good job making it to 9 months! I'm sorry you equated nursing with clingyness or hunger - I can assure you that he wasn't hungry. And I have found that my super clingy baby became a lot less so after learning to walk, so while it's possible your nursing relationship could have something to do with it, I have generally not seen that to be the case in anyone I know. I remember being a single mom and having to use formula while I worked though, so no judgement here! I did breastfeed her until 18 months with absolutely no clingyness on her part. Baby two is 18 months now and gets less clingy with age, and although I wear her and nurse her on demand still, she often would rather run off to play these days ;)

Alexia said...

Thank you for your comment sunrayemomi. Unfortunately my son was hungry. I had no trouble with clingyness or fussiness for quite awhile with him and then when I did, it coincided with my increased hours at work. I work very sporadically and do not have a pump so I do believe that my milk supply started dropping off.