Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Title is Beyond me...

The Weather
Today was a very nice day! I spent it working...inside. Tomorrow I think I’ll take the boys to the park though. I’m loving the spring weather. I’m dreading the summer weather.

Cow Tipping
Picture this: Jack is sitting on the floor playing with a toy. Happily, quietly playing with a toy. Noah, while walking by, sticks out his hand which hits Jack square in the middle of his forehead. Jack falls over and starts crying. Noah walks on.

Feeding the Goats
You don’t have to picture this one, I have a pic of it!

Kinda reminds me of his first goat feeding at the zoo:

Debt and the Common (wo)man
I’ve been working extra hours this week so I was finally able to go to Lane Bryant and buy myself a bra. Only one, but one is enough when you have none. So I get there and find out that they are having a "buy one get one 1/2 off" sale. Yes! Then they ask if I want to apply for a LB credit card, if I do I will get an additional 15% off my bras...even if I’m not approved. Of course, I said yes. My total for two bras was $32 - woo hoo! These bras normally cost $28 each! Oh, and I was approved for the credit card. If I so choose, I can now charge up to $100 on my LB credit card...I know, that is! It’s great though because now when one of my bras die, which they surely will, I can go buy another one right away instead of staying home for weeks while I save up the money $1 at a time!

Working out, Allie Style
I rented this new workout DVD from the library. It’s called "Rock Your Body with Jamie King". Great workout! I did the first two moves then sat and watched Hannah do the rest of them. I’m exhausted!

Eat Much?
Why is it that every time I go to do an online puzzle, I pick the food ones?!?!


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