Friday, May 2, 2008

Back Door Troubles

Noah's constipation issues are o-v-e-r! Thank God! A mom that I work with (whom I am now indebted to for life, LOL) suggested that it might be cow's milk so we had taken him off of it awhile ago, but were still struggling with getting his system cleaned out. Well, it's been cleaned out for a week and we have had no troubles since then - yay! I'm am so happy. It was horrid having to watch him fight to poop every day :(

The only not so great thing is that my wonderfully picky son will not drink soymilk. He will only drink goat's milk. Yeah. Do you know how much a pint of goat's milk costs? Almost $4.00! If you live in MI and have a goat...I will buy it from you! I think it would be cheaper.