Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day (late, of course) to all the wonderful momma’s out there! I hope you all had a wonderful day and were able to do something just for you!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We started the day by actually being on time for church (woo hoo!) and both boys stayed in the nursery (double woo hoo!) for the service. We then drove to a nearby fast food restaurant where we met up our family (a lot of family) for food and conversation. And then me and mom dropped all of the kids off at home and went to watch Baby Mama together. It was great! We ate popcorn, indulged in our favorite drinks (Pepsi for me, Tea for mom) and gorged on chocolate, all while watching the funniest movie eva! (I will never think of Pam the same LOL) Of course, we came home to a completely destroyed house, but it was worth it!

One thing I don’t understand: Our church gives away prizes on Mother’s and Father’s Day for the parent that is the oldest, newest and has the most children/grandchildren in attendance. Father’s receive power tools. Nice ones. Mother’s get potted plants. Why, why, why can’t they give us chocolate? Or some really nice smelling body spray? Why does it always have to be plants?

One thing I love about being single: I don’t have to be disappointed over the fact that hubby was a jerk and completely ignored the fact that it is Mother’s Day. I’ve seen enough complaints this weekend from mom’s whose husbands basically blew off Mother’s Day…it made me forever grateful that I don’t have to be hurt by that anymore. What is up with men these days? Do they not realize that we women like to be thanked for all the work we do, patience we dole out and cold meals we eat?!?!

My mom (who is a widow) and I have decided that we are perfectly happy being single. I got mom a card (that made her cry) and I received a card from her (that made me cry) and we decided that it just works better this way. At least we’ll remember to treat each other on Mother’s Day.

So, heres hope you’re day was great! And if it wasn’t - leave the kiddos with dad and go treat yourself to a day out…on him :P