Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh the drama!

This morning has been (in the words of a fellow mommy-friend) emotionally crumbly. Everyone woke in good spirits, but not 1/2 hour into the day everything fell apart. Over juice. Yes, my friends, juice.

Noah is in love with the stuff....his love of juice could be compared to an alcoholics addiction to well, alcohol. It's that bad.

See, Noah decided that he'd like juice with his eggs and toast and I decided that 8:00 in the morning was a little early to be hitting the sippy. I suggested some tasty rice milk or water (which I couldn't blame him for refusing, I'm not a fan of Adam's Ale either), but he refused. With tears and screaming. He then refused to eat. He wanted down. He wanted something from the fridge (I wasn't about to find out what!). Grammy came home from driving bus, thank God! She calmed him down enough to eat 2 pieces of toast and then he decided to go back to bed. Good call. So I tucked him in and told him he could return to the land of the living when he was in better spirits.

In the meantime, Jack managed to roll over while playing with their tunnel - which was enough for him to fall apart. We're talking head in hands falling apart. You couldn't even look at him without him returning to face to the floor and crying like his world had just disappeared.

I'm really hoping the rest of the day is a bit brighter than this. I'm not sure how much crumbling I can take. *sigh*