Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tasty Tuesday: Tomato Soup Mix-Up

I can't figure out who actually hosts these, but I need ideas for blogging everyday!

So, to kick off my first Tasty Tuesday post I figured I'd give you an easy one that we eat alot around here and it always goes over well because the kids can add whatever they want and leave out what they don't!

I apologize for there being no amounts...we don't generally measure stuff LOL

Tomato Soup Mix-Up

Heat up several cans of tomato soup.
Cook some noodles (we like to do fun shapes, you know curly or twisty or the shells)

Put together in a bowl and add whatever other ingredients sound good! Here's what we use:

Pepperoni, sliced with scissors
Green onions, sliced with scissors
Goldfish crackers
Shredded Cheese

Like I said, it's not a "real" recipe, but it's good (and fast!).