Monday, June 9, 2008

Blah Day

Today is a Blah day.

Yesterday was a busy today.

Tomorrow is going to be a sucky day.

Sundays we stay at our church all day because of gas prices, which is normally okay because I can just hang out in the nursery with the boys and sleep. But yesterday was our “meet the grandparents” Sunday, which is fine except we meet at a fast food joint (with no play place) and we stay there for 3 hours talking. I love my grandparents, but when you are a single momma with 2 active boys, it’s hard to feel like you get any talking time. I think it took me a full hour just to get my meal eaten because I was so busy getting the boys to eat and then cleaned. And then you’ve got them wanting to play and there’s really no where for them to go + Noah is in his screaming phase and the kids (a.k.a. the aunts) wouldn’t leave him alone, they thought it was funny to pick on him until he started screaming the whole time were there. *sigh* Then we get back to the church and hung out for a little bit, but I couldn’t sleep. So anyways, that’s why today is a blah day. I think I need a day to just slob out and not do much of anything. Thank God I’m not working on Mondays yet.

Tomorrow is going to be a sucky day because I have to go to a Friend of the Court meeting. We’re supposed to work out child support with The Husband tomorrow. I’m wondering if he’ll even show up, I doubt it. I hate the thought of spending $$ on gas just to get there and find out he’s not coming. Even if he does come I wonder what will be accomplished. The Husband does not have a job, hasn’t for a year, and there are no plans to get one anytime soon. So we’re going to go and agree on what? I don’t even care if he pays for his boys anymore, he’s not a part of their lives at the moment so who really cares.

But, anyways, enough of that! The good news is that I have movies to watch and chocolate to eat, woo hoo! Annd the boys are in great moods this morning so I think today will be a good, blah day - is that even possible? LOL

Did I mention that Jack has started to take steps?!?! I am so excited!!!