Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Me.

I've always wanted to be able to write like Kathleen Kelley from "You've Got Mail". Do you remember all those e-mails she wrote to Joe Fox (F-O-X)? First, she wrote whatever was on her mind, even the silly stuff (butterflies buying hats and bouquets of pencils...) . Second, she wasn't afraid to say her feelings; even when she was feeling less than adequate she wasn't afraid to put it out there for a perfect stranger to read. That's pretty brave. I'm not.

My mom would say I "have issues" and I probably do LOL I can remember episodes in my past where I was myself and got laughed at for it. I think that made me into the hermit I am today. There is only one person who knows everything about me and who I feel completely, 100% comfortable, telling everything to and that is my mom. Crazy huh?

I wish I was so comfortable in my skin that I could say anything, do anything and not care what anyone thought of me afterwards. Hopefully someday I will get to that point. Until then I'm perfectly happy testing my wings out on this blog and (sometimes) sighing in relief when no one writes comments (because then I'm not getting judged, right?).


Which brings me to a question. Why are people so rude these days? What happened to "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? I'm shocked at some of the comments and judgmental attitudes I encounter when I do venture out. I can't say that I'm perfect, I have my moments, but jeez-oh-peats it seems like the vast majority lives a lifestyle of rudeness. It's so sad. I miss the days when you were allowed to make mistakes and be imperfect.


I would love to be Amish.

1) The Amish don't have to worry when the electricity goes out.
2) The Amish are pretty much self-sufficient.
3) The Amish are big into family. They even build Dawdi (grandparent) houses onto the back of their farmhouses so their parents will still be near as they age - family first.

I'm not to keen on the dresses though.


Two other things I've dreamed up:

Buying an apartment building and moving everyone that is near and dear to me into it. Then we could all be together, but separate.

Same idea, but with a deserted island instead of an apartment building. Wouldn't that be great? Kind of like the bomb shelter from "Blast From the Past". Except with more people. And we could kick off anyone who was being a jerk. Fabulous!

Imaginations are great.


Jessica D. said...

Have you read the Beverly Lewis Books? There about the Amish. I love them. It really lets you into the world of Amish. I think once you read them, you'll change your mind. You don't want to be Amish, you just want a simpler life.

Debbie said...

I want to do the same thing! Buy a small subdivision someplace and have one house for each of my family members with a big park in the middle. You are not alone.

grams said...

I like your idea too. There are too many people in my house right now. Having an apartment building would be great. LOL