Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Little Known Facts

Thirteen Little Known Facts About Me

1. I love to read - alot. I can fly through 2-3 books a week with no problem. Which is why I found it extremely funny when I Googled my name (Alexia) one day and found out
that it means "a brain disorder involving the loss of the ability to read" LOL

2. I am terrified of tornadoes - I refuse to live anywhere without a basement and
get extremely anxious if I am on the road or at a house without one when tornado weather appears.

3. I have been told on more than one occasion that I eat some odd foods...just to
mention a few: saltine crackers + onions + cheese melted over that, Cake mix + water and tortilla chips sprinkled with taco seasoning. You can blame my dad for most of them...he came up with some interesting combos himself!

4. I still like to play with dollhouses.

5. I am the biggest hermit you have ever seen. Seriously, I may sound talkative and
friendly online, but if you were to meet me in person I wouldn't have much to say. Just ask Keeping My Fingers Crossed...I think it took me 2-3 years before I said "hi" to her in church and she was the only girl there even close to my age!

6. I like washing dishes...what is wrong with me?!?!

7. I want to play Banjo sooooo bad! My grandpa gave me a "homemade" banjo and I look
at it with longing, but nothing has come of it yet. I need lessons!

8. I don't know how to play with kids. I love them, especially mine! But I just cannot figure out how to play with them...I think it's because I'm such a hermit,
my social skills are not up to par LOL + I have a really hard time "pretending" I always feel stupid.

9. I am a chocoholic! I must eat chocolate after every meal!!!

10. I'm not a big fan of fruit. Amazingly enough, it's too sweet for me!

11. I love Tom Hanks! I love his smile, his voice...if he asked me to marry him I would say YES! (unless he had that nasty haircut from The Da Vinchi code...)

12. Every time I watch Jack Frost, I cry. What I wouldn't give for my dad to come
back as a snowman.

13. I miss being in school. I loved having homework...weird I know.

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Tami said...

Love your 13 things here! I'm with you on some of them--like the tornado thing. I'm totally scared, so why do I live in the midwest? :) Also about playing with kids. I used to be good at pretend when I was a kid, but now not so much. I'd rather draw with them or play games. I'm not so good at entertaining other people's kids. Does that make me a bad person? I hope not LOL! And, as you know, I love to read too. Oh, and I'm a hermit too! Here's to our computers keeping us connected to others! :) thanks for sharing!
Tami from Tree Swing Reading