Friday, June 13, 2008

Why We Need Cell Phones...

My siblings need cellphones! Every single last one of them! Why you ask? Well, let me set the stage: My dad died when I was 15 and I'm the oldest of 6 kids. My mom had to take on 2 jobs + public school (we were home schooled) + school activities + bills and pumping gas and mowing lawn and well, you get the idea. To put it nicely, she became a little scatter-brained. We got forgotten alot. Alot. It was a normal occurance (spelling?) to be the last students standing outside on the school steps. Mom would come tearing down the road, pull up to the school, jump out and cry "I'm so sorry!!!!". We just sighed and got in the car. It kinda sucked, but we all laugh about it now. Well, those of us who are out of school laugh about it.

Unfortunately some of us are still getting forgotten. It doesn't happen as much, but you can imagine with 3 kids still in school, doing school activities and whatever else kids do these days - she's got alot to remember.

Let me tell you about what happened just last week. My mom drives school bus and so the kids like to visit the library after school (the library is like going to Chuck E. Cheese for us) and my mom picks them up after she gets done with her bus route, normally. Well, my 11-year-old brother informed my mom that morning that he was going to the library after school and she said "fine". The problem is that sometime between 6am and 4pm, she forgot. My brother, Rhet, stood at the library doors and watched Mom drive past. Being the smart kid that he was, Rhet knew that my mom would not suddenly remember about the library. He knew that she would drive all the way home and start dinner. Our house is wild and crazy on calm days so he knew that it could be quite awhile before anyone realized he was missing, so like the smart child he is, he asked to use the library phone. Do you know what they said? No! Can you believe that?!?! They knew that Mom had forgot him and they still said no. So dumb. Of course he's getting a little worried at this point (I would have too). But luckily for him Mom was only home for about 15 minutes before she realized she was missing a child and raced back to the school to find him. She still had no clue where he was though, she didn't remember about the library until she seen him standing outside the library doors LOL

I think you would all agree that those poor kids needs cell phones, yes? It would be great if they could dial Mom up as she drives past! That's why I'm entering 5 Minutes For Moms contest to win a Kajeet cell phone! They are giving away 5 awesome packages and all you have to do is blog or comment about why you're kids need a cell phone! Click on over and read all the rules and what is included in the Kajeet prize packages by June 23rd!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

It would be nice to win one for your siblings.

I love the line "The library is like Chuck E. Cheese for us."