Monday, July 14, 2008


Noah had his first visit to the ER yesterday night.

He doesn’t want to talk about it.

My mom and I decided to take him in to the ER because of his constipation problems. Normally, I wouldn’t worry and just wait it all out (we’ve been through this before), but this time we felt his belly and there was this huge hard lump that he’d never had before and it concerned us. We called our pastor’s wife (who is a nurse) and she suggested we take him in, just to be safe. So we did. At 11:00 at night. Yeah.

I will never tell Noah she suggested the ER visit. He’ll never speak to her again.

Noah flipped out every time the nurse or doctor even dared to look at him. I’ll not mentioned what happened when they tried touching (or X-ray…ing) him. He couldn’t be bribed either. They tried Popsicles, they tried cars and stuffed dogs and stickers with trains and Elmo on them. Nothing worked! He screamed, he cried, he tried to crawl away from them. He yelled “Pease stop” and “No tank you!” at the top of his voice. I just laughed. What else can you do?

Thankfully nothing was wrong, just severe constipation. We were sent home at 4am with a prescription for Miralax and a handful of enemas and glycerin deposits. Poor kid. It’s safe to say that he’s not a big fan of hospitals.

He hasn’t pooped yet.

It's amazing what having kids does to you. I actually want him to poop.

Although I think Noah is scarred for life. I need to call and make an appointment for him at the church. He has some issues to work through, I’m sure.

(Can you believe that he was up at 8 this morning ready and raring to go?!?! I was dying. I truly was).

One positive note is that we had wonderful nurses and doctors. They actually treated me like the smart, knowledgeable human being I am. Excellent people...especially compared to my last ER visit with Jack.


Things are moving along wonderfully now - woo hoo! I've never been more excited about poopy diapers in my life LOL Poor kid had an enema this morning though and ran from Grammy tonight when she went to change his diaper (she did the actual administering of the enema) LOL

So, once everything's regular again Noah will be on BeneFiber and then I'll have to come up with a really great rash solution because that stuff makes his bum have a permanent rash - any ideas?


Diana said...

We had to do that for Nessa too. The X ray showed a baseball size "collection" of well, yeah. The suppository worked amazingly well, and we watched the cheese/sugar intake...LOL

lace said...

Glad to hear everything is doing much better. Can you give him a smaller dose of Benefiber?

I don't have any more ideas for rashes than what we've already talked about.