Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Deals

Here's a couple good deals I've come across lately - - - I thought I'd share!

Meijers: Did you know that they have coupons on their site? If you print them off and combine them with their $10/$10 deals you can get free stuff! This week they have coupons for all Meijers brand salty snacks, pasta, frozen veggies and fruits, graham crackers and more! I'm off to the store!

How to get to the coupons - in the Mealbox, click on "Specials", and then "Coupons".
Click "Print" and when the print box pops up, instead of printing them click "select all" from the menu and copy and paste them into Microsoft Word. You can then fit 8 coupons to a page.

Snapfish: Get 50 prints for 1 penny each! Use coupon code: JUL4PENNY08 at checkout - But hurry because it only lasts until July 12!! *****EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 15!!!*****


Jessica D. said...

Yeah! Love great deals. Thanks for the info.