Saturday, July 5, 2008

I’m so Behind!

I just realized today that I haven’t posted for over a week!

Blogging is last on my priority list, as you can tell, and it’s been crazy busy around here lately! I’ve been working at my church’s fireworks tent, had extra cleaning jobs, Jack’s birthday party was yesterday and our dryer has been broken all week long so I had to fit in trips to the Laundromat. I’ve also had about 10 books from the library sitting on my shelf to read and so I’m trying to get though those as well. I normally enter tons of contests everyday and I’ve had to close my eyes and delete all of my contest e-mails because I just don’t have the time to spend online. It was hard. I almost peeked at one. But family comes before internet. Most days.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve also discovered a few games on Miniclips that have captured my attention. It’s most unfortunate because I shove a lot to the side when I’ve found a fun game. Kindergarten, Flatbread Express and Sushi Go Round are a few of them…my sister also helped my addiction along by sending me here. My favorite so far is Sushi Go Round though and I’ve added it below so you can try it! Hannah and I were fighting over the computer when we first discovered it LOL

I also came across this great personalized, homemade gift idea from THAT FamilyPersonalized Photo Plates! It’s a great idea and I’m going to attempt it for my Mom’s Christmas present. I know it’s a little early, but if it’s a crafty idea, I need lots of time! I think she’ll like it a lot. I know I would. Plus I need lots of time to find the right plates for the job.

Oh, and check out this Loopa Bowl. I need to get one for Noah. He’s a big fan of dumping stuff.


We are THAT Family said...

Thanks so much for sharing my plate idea. I hope yours turn out great and your mom loves her as much as mine did!

Anonymous said...

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Diana said...

I am totally loving your blog!! Im adding it to my daily read pile!! YAY!