Saturday, July 26, 2008



From the Book:

A modern-day fairytale...
Penelope Wilhern has everything a girl could want--a wealthy socialite family, an enchanted bedroom and some of the coolest clothes around. There is only one problem: She was born into a cursed family and has the face of a pig.
Hidden away from the world, Penelope now finds herself subjected to a string of snobby, blue-blooded bachelors in a desperate attempt to find her a husband in order to break the curse. Though she yearns for something greater, what’s a girl to do when faced with a determined mother and her matchmaking sidekick? Hoping to snap a photo of the mysterious girl, mischievous tabloid reporter Lemon hires down-on-his-luck Max to pose as a prospective suitor and infiltrate the family. But when Max finds himself truly drawn to Penelope, he can’t bring himself to expose and disappoint her, so he just disappears. Fed up with this latest betrayal and determined to live life on her own terms, Penelope decides to break free from her family and go out into the world in search of adventure.
Disguising her identity with a scarf, Penelope discovers a wondrous world where freedom opens her eyes to possibilities she never knew existed. Making new friends along the way, she discovers happiness in the most unexpected places.

From me (about the book):
I really liked this story. It's a modern day fairy tale written for the younger generation, but it's a fun read. I loved the message that Penelope teaches young girls (especially).

From me (about the movie): The movie was just as great as the book (which you don't hear from me often). Whether you choose to read the book or watch the movie, you will be getting the same awesome message! It's worth your time.