Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tasty Tuesday: Edible Liver

I can recall more than one family dinner as a child where Liver & Onions was served. I think it was a weekly fare around our house. And I hated it. I think every child does. Than when I was pregnant with Noah, my iron levels dropped and liver was the quick fix, I really wasn’t a great fan of it then either. BUT then one of the ladies in our church made it for me, with tomatoes, and it tasted so good! I guess the tomatoes kinda even out the strong taste of the liver…or something (I’m no cook LOL), but it’s good.

I don’t really have a “recipe” per se because I always throw stuff together, but here’s the general idea for you:

Edible Liver

1 package liver
1 can diced tomatoes (with or without added “seasonings”)
1 onion (optional)
Salt & Pepper

1) Mix flour, salt & pepper together in a dish.

2) Dip liver in mixture (I always rinse the liver in water first to get all the extra “stuff” off LOL), and then place in frying pan on medium heat.

3)Add tomatoes & onions. You can drain the liquid from the tomatoes if you want, but I don’t.

4) Cover and let cook, turning once halfway through, for about….30 minutes? Seriously, I’m not sure. I always make everything else while the liver is cooking so I’m guesstimating here.

5) Eat!