Friday, July 11, 2008

Think Geek

Okay, so think back to last Christmas and the frantic search for unique gifts. Or that last birthday bash you had to go too and you had no clue what to give them. Or maybe you had another wedding to attend and were sick to death of buying towel sets off of the registry.

I have a solution!

Think Geek!

Think Geek is full of Geek toys & gadgets and they are great for any occasion. From their All Edges Brownie Pan to their Portable Electronics Charging Station, they have you covered! There is something for everyone and everything is unique! You'll never have to worry about finding the perfect gift again!

Take for instance, my 21-year-old brother. Last year for Christmas we were up a creek for him. We asked him what he wanted and he said, "I don't care". Grrrrr I think he ended up with a gas card. Useful, but boring. Well, this year he'll be getting a Titanium Spork, a Duct Tape Wallet (or maybe the DIY Duct Tape Wallet Kit) and the Collapsible Chopsticks!

Noah would love the DIY Staw and I've got my eye on the Not a Paper Cup for my Sunday morning Coffee runs.

They've even got an entire section devoted to "Toys" including tons of stuff for your cube at work (Cube Warfare anyone?).

Okay, now it's time for me to stop talking and you to start shopping! Let me know what you find!

There's a contest going on over at Fractured Toy right now, she's giving away a "I'm Blogging This" t-shirt from Think Geek (did I mention that they have t-shirts, and other apparel too? My mistake!). The contest ends July 27th.