Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is so not happening this week - sorry guys! I have been so crazy busy with working that I haven't even looked at my camera!

I've been working since last Thursday at an apartment complex. They schedule all of their move-outs for the same week so that they can clean, paint, repair and move-in new people all at once. It's nuts! I'm a cleaning inspector and so I've been in over 100 apartments making sure that cleaning companies have done a good job. Alot of walking, alot of stair climbing - I'm sore! But I make almost $100 a day so that is making it worth it. Plus they feed me :)

I miss my boys :( It's really hard to be away from them all day long. I have to do my nighttime janitor jobs as well so there was one day where I didn't see them at all - they were sleeping when I left in the morning and they had fallen asleep by the time I made it back home. That's hard. I never wanted to be a working mom for precisely this reason, but I have no choice at the moment.

Did I mention that I locked my keys in the car? Yeah. That wasn't cool. Thankfully my car insurance covered getting it open.

Sooooo....I'm out of pre-scheduled posts so you may hear from me and you may not in the next couple of days!


Jessica D. said...

Hey, Lacey told me she watched your kids the other day. She said she got them to take a nap! I love Lacey! I miss her alot. I'm sure she does great with your boys. She's awesome with my girls.