Friday, August 8, 2008

All About Noah

Noah is so stinkin' smart!

He can count to 10...with a teeny bit of help. Today I took him to Meijers with me to pick up some food and while we were in the checkout lane he looked up and noticed the isle number (16) and said, "Eight, nine, ten!" Which is what he calls all number when he sees them. I told him that nooo that was a 1 and a 6. He said six and then looked at the next isles number (17) and said "seven!" OMG He's starting to recognize numbers!

He knows what A and O looks like annnd he knows what H looks like, but calls it T I guess Faith (my sister) is teaching him how to recognize his name.

He knows almost all of his colors. Everywhere we go Noah names colors. "Baloo kie", "Green Bip", "lellow busss". All of this is so amzing to me because I'm not one of those moms who plans learning time into the day. I don't sit down and count with him or practice his colors. This is just what Noah has picked up in life lessons - I'm so proud of him!

Our pastor preached about being covered in the blood about a month ago and passed out strips of red felt...I'm not sure what for because I was in the nursery and wasn't able to hear the sermon. But that night, at bedtime, I showed it to Noah and explained to him that the red strip reminded us that Jesus had died on the cross for us and that he loved us. This week we were cleaning his room and we found that strip of red felt (I had been leaving it at his bedside). Without me saying a word, Noah picked it up, held it out to me and said, "Jesus!" I was so shocked! I couldn't believe that he remembered, three weeks later, that one talk I had had with him! Later I took it out to Mom and had Noah tell her what it was and he said "Jesus loves me"! Again, I had not mentioned anything about the red strip at all! I am just constantly amazed at what Noah learns, remembers and puts into practice.

I pray with each of the boys before I put them to bed and I always pray with Jack first and ask Jesus to give Jack peace so he will sleep all night long (I pray a little differently over Noah). Noah has heard me pray this over Jack for months, but one night as I tucked him in he looked at me, all curled up under his covers, cuddling his blankie and said "peeeece".
I said, "Do you want me to pray that Jesus gives you peace?"
So I did.

And I've also learned that he hears and understands exactly what I want him to do, he's just stubborn and doesn't do it. A couple days ago I had asked Noah to pick up a basket of books he had knocked over and, like ususal, he ignored me. Off-hand I looked at him a couple minutes later and said "Noah, what did I ask you to do?" and he looked back at me and said "pick up". And he picked the books up! I was floored! The little booger!

Noah is also an expert at time-out...he's in it so much! LOL He's a big fan of shoving Jack over or thowing things at him. He knows the whole routine now...which corner he's supposed to be in, that he can't leave (he used to try to elicit sympathy from others "baith....Rhet!" and tears LOL), that when his time is up he has to sign sorry and give hugs. All I have to say is "Time-out" and let him know when his time is up and he does the rest!

Oh, and my son cannot be bribed. Noah is in love with all things sugary and bad for you, but if you try to bribe him, it doesn't work. It doesn't matter if you set the biggest chocolate bar on the planet in front of him, if he doesn't want to do what you're asking him too, he'll pass. I guess that comes from me *duck* I'm rather stubborn myself!

Before I sign off I wanted to add that my husband...who hasn't been around for almost a year...finally came and saw the boys last week. Noah was a little wary at first, but by the time I came home from work I heard all about "daddee" coming over and how Noah got to play with his hat. We ordered pizza that night and when the delivery guy pulled up I said "look who's here!" (Noah's a biiig fan on pizza), and Noah's eyes got big and he said "Daddee?!?!"