Sunday, August 3, 2008

If you've got something nice to say....SAY IT!

It's so nice to hear someone say something good about you.

This last week I was working apartment changeovers...which means almost 350 people were moving out of their apartments and then cleaners, maintenance people, plumbers and probably 50 other people went through to get the apartments ready for the next tenants. It was 10-12 hour days and it was HOT. You can guess how cranky everyone ended up being by the end of the day.

I hate the heat and get super cranky when I feel like I'm the Wicked Witch of the West...
"I'm meeeeltiiiinnnggg!" So you can imagine what I felt like, trekking all over the apartment complex, climbing to third-story apartments and then running my fingers along dirty window tracks and moving stoves to check the floors underneath (I was the cleaning inspector - woo hoo! Better than cleaning I say!)

ANYWAYS (I use that word alot, don't I?)

I try very hard to be happy when I'm at work. Even when life sucks. I've always felt that it's more important that my life (how I act) shows that I'm a Christian rather than what I say (witnessing). So I was so very pleased when I heard this come out of Anna's mouth (who was the "main man" in this entire crazy changeover, she handled all the paperwork and sent everyone to the apartments they needed to fix up) after she had just finished talking to someone else about the BAD attitudes that were getting thrown her way:

"Why can't people be more like Alexia?"
(That's me!)

Oh my gosh.
I was making a difference!

Even better was when I heard from both Anna and my head cleaning inspector, Deb, that they had been trying to get their boss to hire me on a permanent basis because I did such a great job.

And when I left on the last day of work I heard Deb say to Anna, "I really like that girl!"

I was so proud. Not just of me, but of Jesus, who shone through me that week. I really felt like I had let my light shine from a hill.

It was also so nice to hear something good about me. A compliment. I don't get many of those from the boys LOL

So all of that to say....

First: Let Jesus shine through you in your workplace. It's as easy as keeping your mouth zipped when all you really want to do is rag on about the rough day your having.

Second: Take the extra time to let someone know how nice they look or how great they are at filing papers. It will make their day.