Saturday, August 9, 2008


Are you sick of throwing away money on sandwich bags?

Do you want to "be green" and save the environment?

Than Wrap-N-Mats are for you!

These things are awesome!

My mom purchased one for each of my siblings last year when they were heading back to school and they worked so great! The kids thought it was neat that they could pick out their own designs and Mom thought it was neat that she didn't have to buy sandwich bags every week (4 kids in school = ALOT of sandwich bags!). This year the kids are getting hot lunch so their Wrap-N-Mats won't be used as them. I'm sure I'll be "borrowing" them *hehe*

The Wrap-N-Mats perfectly fit a sandwich, you can put snacks in there as well and the site says they have a larger size that will fit hoagies and the like as well. What I think is so awesome about the Wrap-N-Mats is that, besides being easy on the pocket-book, they turn into a place mat as well so you don't have to worry about setting your meal on an icky table or, when on a picnic, on your knee. It's easy to fold and easy to clean too. And at $6.50 a wrap, you really can afford to be green without breaking your pocket book.

I'm really wanting to get a couple for when the boys and I are out and about, but I can't decide which ones I like the most! Help me decide:

I also noticed when visiting their site that they do fundraisers! I don't know how many times I've paged through yet another school fundraiser booklet full of expensive chocolates and said "they should sell something you actually need and could use!" My Mom says they need to sell light bulbs LOL But could you imagine selling Wrap-N-Mats as a school fundraiser?!?! They're unique and fun and useful and I bet a whole lot of people would plunk down money to get one! I think it's great that Wrap-N-Mat offers this service to groups.

My Greening is also giving away a Wrap-N-Mat! This contest is only going on until August 11th, so you need to hurry!


CanCan said...

Thanks for blogging about these...I think everyone should have a few!
I would definitely buy a Wrap-N-Mat from a school fund raiser...better than the summer sausages we sold when I was in school! Eww!