Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All About Jack!

I’m having so much fun watching my boys grow and learn new things! Watching them discover new things makes me stop and look at the world around me a little more. Things I’ve never thought about, always taken for granted are amazing things to the boys.

Jack has gotten so big so fast. I was putting him to bed in his toddler bed the other day and realized that I don’t have babies anymore, I have little men! It was a sad thought. I love that my babies are growing up, but I miss BABIES too. *sigh* (I’m crazy, I know!)

Jack is a very adventurous one-year-old - he’s not afraid of anything! I’ve seen him attempt amazing feats for how little he is; I’m pretty sure I have a future stunt-man or mountain climber on my hands. He climbs anything and everything and he’s not afraid to take a dive to the floor either!

Jack is a true-blue second born; he loves his older brother and is always looking for his acceptance and love. If Noah is in a bad mood and pushes Jack away, it crushes him. But he’s also learned the art of annoying Noah as well…he can snatch toys & blankies away with the best of them and seems to know when the “perfect” time to touch Noah is (I.E. when Noah is in a grumpy mood. I get to hear the “he’s breathing on me!” from Noah…fun, fun!)

Jack is a little slower learning things, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because he likes to do things his own way. He refuses to use sign language and a lot of the time refuses to listen to my warnings about danger or things he ought not to touch. Discipline doesn’t phase him either. It’s amazing…and exhausting!

He eats like a trooper too. You should see him pack the food away – I can’t figure out where he puts it! Jack’s waist is still small enough to fit into 6-9 month pants, but his legs are too long so I am constantly rolling the waistband of his 12m pants in hopes that they will stay up!

Jack will only say two words: “mama” and “uh-oh” everything else is still points, grunts and nods of the head. I’m pretty sure he’s happy with his caveman ways too. I doubt I’ll be hearing anything else from him for awhile. Oh well. It’s probably good in the long run – Noah can make enough noise for the both of them! LOL

One funny thing - Jack hates ice cream. Isn't that weird?