Friday, October 3, 2008

Mommy Stuff

First off, the Ped Egg. A church friend bought one for me a couple months back and I will love her forever! My feet were pretty awful. When I was married, The Husband did not allow my feet anywhere near him because they were so rough; I didn't even like my feet near me. It's all my fault too. I'm a barefoot kind of girl. Flip-flops are my best friend - even in the winter, seriously. But it did not do wonders for my feet and, I admit, I was rather lazy about keeping up on them. I hated the whole soaking and filing and lotioning routine. I had better things to do. And it showed. But then I was given the Ped Egg and it rocked my world! I've used it with wet feet (from the shower) and dry feet and it works great both ways. I can use it once a week and my feet stay nice and smooth. It's the best things I've ever used - I'm a huge fan. And it's only $10, you can't go wrong there! It even catches all that dried up skin so you don't have it all over the floor...just don't let the kids get it! LOL

Here's something to make you drool: P.B. Loco Peanut Butter. I know I've already mentioned them before, but they are so worth mentioning again! I've never actually tried their P.B. yet, but it's on my it ever on my list. Just the name: Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate Duo makes me drool! P.B. Loco has tons of unique flavors and recipes too! (And cafe's!) If you sign up for their newsletter you can get special discounts/offers in the mail.

Think Geek has a lot of unique gifts, I've mentioned them before, but I want this Not a Paper Cup pretty badly. Just drinking out of this cup would make my cheapo teas and cappuchino's taste like they cost $4! And I might even personalize it with some Cup Couture too.

I love these Personalized Hand-Stamped Rings from Accessory a la Mode. I'm not a big fan of Mommy Rings because you can't add on to them very easily...but these are pretty nifty. You can just buy a new ring for each baby and personalize it however you want! Now the only trouble I'd have is if I end up with 12 kids!


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I drool over that peanut butter as well.

Debbie said...

Would you do me a huge favor? Would you change your Cup Couture link to this one:
PLEASE? I'm a rep for the product and I earn a commission when people order through that page. Thanks!!!