Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Love Signing Times

I've only actually seen 2 episodes of Signing Times, but I can already say that I love it. Not just because it's sign language (I just happen to be planning on studying to be a sign language interpreter), but because it's easy to understand and it's fun to watch. Not many kids shows mesmerize me, but this one does. I loved watching the signs and hearing the songs. Forget the kids, I liked learning the signs plus it's so much easier than paging through my dictionary of signs, and then trying to read the directions and hoping you're moving your arm in the right direction. Who has time for that?

There's a blog competition going on right could win an autographed copy of the Baby Signing Times gift set. And it includes their brand new DVD's Baby Signing Times vol. 3&4! Here's previews of them for you:

Even if you don't win (or don't plan on entering) this set is worth buying! You should check out the awesome flash cards they have too!


Jessica D. said...

We love Signing Time here at our house. Our library has them all and you can check them out for free! We've seen them all several times. It does help as an adult. It help me freshen up on my signing. I took some signing classes at OCC "Oakland " I love Signing Time just as much as Lillie!