Thursday, October 9, 2008

"I dood it!!!"

I like an organized house. If I clean something up (which isn't very often lately), I clean it up right. I cannot handle anyone else helping me if they can't do it my way.

Noah has decided that he's old enough to do everything himself and it's driving me insane!

He picks his own clothes, most days. And no, they don't match and there must be a car on it somewhere.

He has to put his own "dippin gogurt" (cinnamon & sugar) on his toast. And did I mention that's all he wants to eat lately?

I'm sure he'd change his own diaper if he could manage it.

He's slow - I like to be fast!

This is the part of child-rearing where I learn patience. It's a hard lesson to learn. Unfortunately, I get more irritated than anything else and I've raised my voice quite alot in the past month. But I'm trying to take deep breaths and allow him to experience life.

It's still cute to hear him say "I dood it!" though - warms my heart.


MoziEsmé said...

I LOVE that streak of independence! Esme has started bringing clothes to me from the clean laundry basket and demanding to be changed - I guess I need to get them put away faster! But it is so sweet to finally know exactly what they want after guessing throughout their infanthood.