Friday, October 31, 2008

Neat Stuff For Babies

Here's some pretty great finds I ran across on the internet this week. Their on my list for the next baby :)

Quick-Zip Bedding

Seriously, who doesn't want crib bedding where you can just zip the top of the sheet off and zip on a new sheet?!?! I hated trying to reach far enough into the crib to pick up the entire mattress so you could slip a new sheet on! Totally worth the cost in my mind!

No Slip Charlie

Really simple "invention"...a pair of fingerless gloves to help you hang on to baby at bathtime. Now, I have no clue if these actually work or not, but they seem like they would! I'd love to try them.

Bumble Bells

Little bells on an ankle bracelet, looks cute, but more can hear the kids while their roaming the house. I could totally use these for the boys let me tell ya!

Milk & Tickles Color Changing Bottle

Bottle changes from blue to pink at body temp. Which means you're gonna know when the bottle is warm and when it's cold. Plus, imagine all the fun imprints you can make :)