Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Potty Chairs

I've been thinking potty chairs lately, alot. Namely, which one should I buy? You'd think it'd be easy - just pop into your nearest Wal-mart and pick one up, but there's so many! You have to decide if you want a posh potty or a simple one. Do you want lights? Sounds? splash guard? You could get ridiculous and have one that rocks, or one with a built in timer. How about a 2-in-1...3-in-1? Do they make 4-in-1's?!?! Maybe you just want a seat that fits on the toilet you have, but then you'll need a step stool of some kind. *sigh* I'm considering just closing my eyes and grabbing one, but what if Noah decides not to use it because it's a weird shape, or what if the potty hole is to small or the shield is too low? And then there's the question of what to do when you're out and about. There's travel potties. or a travel potty seat (could you imagine carrying that around in your purse?!?! Or you could just support them on the potty (and for the squeamish there are potty mitts and covers).

Maybe you can help.

Here's a few I've found, that I think Noah might like. And me too. Tell me what you think. Please?

The Boon Potty Bench

Price: $30
Looks cool. Not pastel. Has drawers for potty training "tools". Turns into a step stool.
Some reviewers say the potty hole is too small and that the shield doesn't work very well.

The Ikea Lattsam Children's Potty

Price: $4
Positives: Simple to use. Won't take up alot of space in the bathroom.
How do you empty it???

The Fisher-Price Fun to Learn Potty

Price: $35
Looks like a toilet. It "flushes" has it's own TP holder and congratulates kids on their "contributions"...I think Noah would like having his own, smaller version, of our toilet. He would like the flushing too. Negatives: Most of the reviewers claim that all the bells and whistles distracted their kids from the contributing part of the whole affair. However one parent mentioned that they just turned the chair off until their child contributed and then turned it on for the songs and flushing. Workable? Maybe.

The Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty

Price: $32
Once again, looks like a toilet, but simpler than the Fisher-Price one. Less bells and whistles, but still "flushes" (the big selling point with Noah, I think).
Negatives: No lid. I like lids. The sticker deal is dumb - Noah's a candy guy. I don't see a guard either, but do those things *really* work anyways???

Soooo, let me know what you think? Or is there one I've missed that you really like?


Jessica D. said...

Hey, I just bought Lacey the potty chair from ikea. I should of bought you one any way, just because it cheep and handy to have on hand. Next time i won't listen to myself. We'll i guess it's the thought that maters!

Eli's Lids said...

Oh potty talk! We are just starting to think about this stuff too with my 2 year old Eli. We were overwhelmed so we let him pick. We got the Elmo Talking potty. When you give Elmo a high five he encourages you in english and spanish. It is quite annoying...