Sunday, November 16, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

I watched this video on The Dietzel Family's Blog and really liked it. The Advent Conspiracy is an awesome idea and, if we actually had money, I would be all for it! I love the idea of giving to others - meaningful gifts!

I remember one year our church put together shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas Child. It was the first year that I had a full-time job and I had so much fun putting together a gift for a child overseas. It's one of the few gifts that I remember thinking about, buying and sending. Because it was so full of meaning and I knew it would be appreciated. I'd love to make that a yearly tradition with my boys.

I think it's so important that greed not take over Christmas. It's always bothered me when I see kids (and even teens and adults) that are more worried about what they're going to get and if it will be the right model or color. And the complaining is ridiculous! I never want to hear my boys pitching a fit about any gifts - that's when we'll stop the tradition of gift-giving all together!

I was also reading on the Rethinking Christmas site, and there are some awesome ideas for making the holidays more memorable. I really liked this idea for big family gatherings and I think this is a unique idea for sharing Jesus' birth with children.

My boys are young so I have a couple years free where I can think up meaningful family tradition. I'd love to hear any that you do or are planning on doing!


Jessica D. said...

We do 3 gifts. Something you want... something you need... and a surprise! I use 3 boxes (What ever size i find that year all the same size. Some years i put more that one item in each box. Depending on the expense. I also do the girls stocking too. I looking for wood boxes that i can keep year after year. I haven't found the right size yet.