Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas of Dreams

Momdot is having an amazing giveaway called the Christmas of Dreams, and it really is! There is over $1,000 in prizes from some pretty awesome brands that I drool over LOL Here's the list:

Dyson, BabyPop, The Shrunks, Soda Club, Kadi Prescott, Uncommonly Cute, Lollipop Book Club, Kuster, Silly Monkeez, LA Plates, Natitys Design, Little Black Box, Koshas, Kidz Sunglasses, jaC Jewelry, Appledonia, Leapfrog, Mutsy, Kushies, Huddy Buddy, Mimsi-Bags, Bottlewise, Let's Go Strolling, DaBib, Sassy Baby, Baby Legs, Scentsy, FeFiFoto, Randi100, Organic Blankees, Shi Shu Style, Georgia Tees!

I was checking out the sponsor's sites and these items caught my eye - I'd love every single one of them!

BabyPop's Teepees! Although I wish they had some funner colors (for boys).

Sassy's Snack Time Infa-Trainer Cups - Snack + Drink all in one place!

This Hamburger Tee from Appledonia's Etsy Shop - all of her tees are just as cute as this one!

Modern Tots Storytime Rocker - actually, there was a lot more that I liked, but that would be an entire post to itself :)

Leapfrog's Leapster 2 - A Gameboy, for little kids, awesome! (And it's a learning game sysytem , even better!)

If you're interested in entering to win the Christmas of Dreams giveaway, you need to hurry! It ends November 26th (tomorrow evening!)