Thursday, November 13, 2008

In which my imagination runs wild

I clean a bank, by myself, and ever since the time change I've had to do it in the dark - which is a little nerve wracking. To say the least.

Maybe I've watched too many movies. Or read too many books. But having to clean a bank, in the dark, just sets my creative juices to flowing. And not in a good way.

Every time I go to clean I feel like I'm in some Mission Impossible movie. I have a routine for making sure I'm by myself and safe. I've had one scare and was not a fan of it. A bank employee, who had forgotten something, walked in while I was vacuuming. I didn't hear anything until the door slammed and I was staring him in the face. It's a good thing my bladder was empty and I recognized the guy. Ever since I've been a little jumpy.

So tonight (I made my 11-year-old brother come with me) I headed in to clean around 7:3o. It was pitch black. My routine starts as I drive up the road parallel with the bank. I can see the back parking lot (where I park) lit up with floodlights and can tell if something is funky. I work at a small bank so there is never anything left behind. No cars. No people. Nothing. Well...tonight as I'm driving, I glance over and there is a black car sitting in the back parking lot. My heart skipped a beat. I made the turn onto the road in front of the bank and then into the bank's lot. Yup. The black car was parked in the back employees parking lot. Now I'm getting super nervous. What if some huge freaky bank robber has staked out the place waiting for me?!?!? (because I'm that important)

I wasn't about to park and take my chances so I drove by real slowly and tried to check out the car, but couldn't tell if anyone was in there or not. So I left. I took a leisurely drive around town while I called my boss, H, and told her the situation. I tried to sound like the responsible person I was supposed to be, but I don't think it worked. My only option, besides calling the cops for an escort, was to clean even later at night or go back and check the situation out again. I chose the latter and H stayed on the line to give me courage. I actually pulled up beside the black car and parked and spent a couple minutes making sure no one was inside...I didn't see anyone. My brother than mentioned that they could be laying down in the back seat. He's obviously been watching the same movies I have been.

To make a long story a little shorter. We decided to attempt it. We walked. Fast. And unlocked the bank and pretty much ran inside. If someone was watching, they would have known that we had seen them, we were pretty obvious. We cleaned, together. We literally tripped over each other while cleaning. I'm not joking. And then turned off all the lights and spent about 5 minutes looking out windows. The black car was gone! My heart slowed a little, but I left the trash in the janitor closet and we left and got into the car as fast as humanly possible. Which wasn't very fast because Seth couldn't get the car door unlocked. But I wasn't worried because I had brought the spray bottle of disinfectant with me - you know kinda like Mace, but a bigger bottle :)

I'm safe at home now and am trying to decide now if I will clean at the butt crack of dawn (when it's light out - because bad people like to do their deeds in the dark) or if I need to buy myself a gun and a concealed weapons permit. Which do you think?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that H burst into uncontrollable laughter when we hung up with her. I think I've ruined my chances of being Employee of the Month.


lace said...

I would have done the exact same thing. I probably would have also cleaned with one hand while my other hand was poised to dial 911 on my cell.